Bra Fitting Problems Guide

Top 10 Indications Of A Poor Fitting Bra (and Solutions)

1. The Bra Band size is too large (and loose) combined with too small a Cup.

Solution: Get a professional Bra fitter to measure you and advise you on the best brands to suit your body. Avoid Big Box stores who don’t have enough size options in stock to fit you with the correct bra, thus putting you into a bra with too large a band in order to get a larger cup (this causes 1. & 4.)

2. The bridge of your Bra (V between the two cups) – does not sit flush on your chest wall

Solution: Cups size is too small - Get measured for a larger cup

3. The Bra cup/s are wrinkled or puckered

Solution: Get fitted for a smaller bra, likely the cups are too large & possibly band size is too large

4. The band of your bra rides up between your shoulder blades

Solution: Get a smaller band, the current one is too large

5. The girls play “peek-a-boo” ie. Drop out of their cups

Solution: Get a smaller band, the current one is too large

6. Your shoulder straps keep falling from your shoulders

Solution: Get a smaller band, the current one is too large

7. Your breasts are bulging over the cups (double boob)

Solution: Get a bra with a larger cup size

8. One breast is lower than the other

Solution: Adjust your bands so that both breasts are , sounds easy, but it doesn’t always work out that way, if you need help we are more than happy to be of service.

9. Breasts are “Sagging” while wearing a bra

Solution: Get a professional fitting, this can be multiple things but it is likely that the band size is too large, trying a tighter clasp setting should help if there are tighter settings left.

10. Your shoulders hurt and have “trenches” in them from supporting your breast.

Solution: Although this may not be a fitting problem, this can be alleviated substantially by wearing a bra that is specifically designed to provide better support and has wider padded straps.

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