Frequently Asked Questions

I have a big bust and wear a large Bra but the band is loose and sometimes my breasts peek out out from under the band... What's wrong? 

This is our Number ONE question and problem our customers have!  The problem stems from a band that is much to large, chosen to get a bigger cup size.

The reason this happens to many women is that they are fitted at a Box store that does not have the proper sizes for a larger lady.  So, in order for the "fitter" to get a Cup large enough, they have to increase the band size well beyond the actual chest measurement. This will work to make the cup bigger (it gets wider with a bigger band),  But at a huge fitting cost: The band will be much too loose and thus the girls easily play pee-a-boo!  Additionally,  the cups will pucker because they are bigger in the wrong direction, and to add insult to injury,  the band will ride up your back for a very uncomfortable fit -  If you are currently wearing a bra size of 38 DD or larger and you purchased your bra at a department store, there is a very high chance that it is incorrect.  Please call us for a Free Fitting.

Do you carry Plus sizes bras?

Yes, we carry a wide variety of Plus size bras up to 44I

How are the bra measurements done during a fitting?

We have to take a measurement of your Chest size, just below your bust and another one across your bust.  These measurements help us determine your Bra Cup Size and Band size - See our Bra Fitting Section

Are the sizes between brands and styles the same?

No, there are differences up to one full size in some cases,  and there are subtle differences between each one.  A Good Fitting shop will know how each bra fits to ensure you purchase the optimal Bra.

Why do I need an underwire bra?

An Underwire bra, is the standard design for most bras. The "wire" is there for support that the cup fabric by itself would struggle to provide. This under cup support also greatly helps to enhance your shape. Only If you have skin irritation problems, should you go to a No-wire bra - we carry several brands and styles to you out should you need one.  

Why do my bra straps fall off of my shoulders?

This is because the band is too large causing it to ride up your back and the straps to move sideways and ultimately fall off of your shoulders.

Why does my bra band ride up my back?

The Band is too large - See the first question in this FAQ section for a full explanation.

How can I get more shape?

A fresh bra fitting will help immensely with restoring a perfect shape. Additionally, we stock many bras that are designed to enhance and provide a beautiful shape. These shape enhancing bras may have one or more of the following features: Padded cups, Push-up design, enhanced Lift. Several of our Top Brands have designs in various styles specifically to enhance your shape.  Please feel free to come in, we would be happy to help you look truly amazing.