Bra Measurements & Sizing

Bra Cup Measurements & Band Sizing For A Perfect Fit

Do your girls hang low, do they wobble to and fro? (You know what we mean!) Your girls need to be properly supported. Without the right support to protect you, your body will needlessly and prematurely age and sag. Nobody wants that! A truly supportive and well fit bra will make a world of difference and take years off of your appearance today and into the future. You need to take the first step now to get properly measured to determine the best bra cup size and band size for your unique figure.

The first thing you need to do is forget any preconceptions you may have about your size. If you haven’t had a professional fitting in over a year, then it is likely that your bra size is not what you think it is. You also need to remember that your bra size will change from one style to another, and will change over time as your body changes. This all means that in order to look and feel your best, you need professional assistance.

You need to be aware that this doesn’t mean going to a “Big Box Store” where their idea of fitting is to put you into a change room and simply handing you in dozens of different bras to try on. Measurements and extensive knowledge of bra brands is required to achieve an optimal fit.

What is the most common reason for an incorrect Bra size? It is almost always that women have been led to believe that they should be wearing a larger band size than is required. This leads to all sorts of problems: a loose “puckered” ill fitting cup, a band that will ride up your back, and more often than not, a very loose bra that allows your breasts to play "Peek-a Boo"! For the most accurate fit, we have found that the best way to bridge the gap between what is believed and what is reality, is to take careful Bra measurements.

The truth, is that more often than not, the bra size that will fit correctly, is one that has been selected with a smaller band size and a larger cup size and than was thought prior to the fitting session. Let go of any size preconceptions and free your mind up to make the correct decision for a fantastic fitting bra! When a fitter suggests you try on an “F” cup and you believe that you are a “C”, give it a try, chances are that this will fit better than your last bra and feel great!

Our Bra Fitting Process: 

1. We will first bring you into one of our private fitting rooms, where we will review your current bras fit. We look at how full the cups are, how loose/tight the band is, the positioning of the bra straps, as well as other "tell-tale" signs of an incorrectly fitting bra - band riding up your back, space in between your bra bridge and sternum, puckered cups, etc.

2. We ignore your current bra size, we don’t want this to bias our process

3. We measure both your Bust size (around your whole chest across your bust line) and your Chest size (just below but not including your bust) Subtracting the two measurements, gives us a good starting point to determine your cup size

4. The cup size is first chosen as stated above using a calculation to subtract the two measurements. For every 2” in difference, a larger cup size is required. For example: a 36” bust minus a 32” chest size = 4” thus indicating a “D” size cup. This is Just the starting point, again, this is a rough guide and we must observe how full your bust fills the cups, if the bridge sits flush on your chest, are the cups puckering as well as looking for many other signs to indicate a perfect fit or not.

6. The chest measurement allows us to select your band size, but it is not a direct conversion, if the direct measurement is used as the actual band size, it will fit much too tight. After thousands of fittings and training from our suppliers we find that the proper brand size will be 2”-4” larger than the measurement, the final size selected will be based upon the actual brand that is chosen and the style of the bra. Like a pair of jeans, each brand has a different fit! Our job is to know what that is.

7. Based on the measurements and observations above, we can recommend brands that will likely look good on you. Like many other types of clothing, each brand and style has unique characteristics just like your body. Our job is to understand the characteristics of each Bra/Brand, combined with the size measurements , to ensure that you obtain the most optimal fit.

8. Using our process above we are able to quickly home in on your optimal fit, it is then your job to select the brand and style that pleases you the most. Take your time, you are more than welcome to try on as many Bras as you like!

9. Relax and Enjoy the experience!

We would like to make another important observation: often we are helping mom to get a better fitting bra for optimal support while their daughters are waiting for them with even worse fitting bras! Do your Daughters a huge favour, get them fitted early in their developing years. We see too many young girls running around in flimsy bras, bouncing needlessly- their figures are going to suffer immensely without the proper support.

If your daughters are active in sports, getting a sports bra should be the most critical task on your to-do-list, a sports bra will be the most important protection that they will ever wear, it is more important than their “every day” bra. They will thank you 10 years down the road!