"I just wanted to share the amazing customer service I received at your store last week. I came in for a new bra and the two lovely ladies at the store took wonderful care of me and made sure that the item I purchased was the best option for my needs."

- I just wanted to say a quick, Thank You! Lisa L P

"So much to chose from and such excellent service! I went in hoping to find a good fitting bra and I wasn’t disappointed. Fiona devoted her time to finding me what works for me! I couldn’t be happier and couldn’t wait to put on my new bra this morning!" - Susan K.F.

 "I traveled all the way from Bellingham, WA to Silhouette and not only did they have a stellar selection, Fiona, the owner, spent over an hour sizing and fitting me in multiple bras! I am not your average size and have been striking out in finding anything that fits, but after my visit I went back across the border so happy and with four bras that fit like a dream! Thank you so much, Fiona! We will be back!" - Maya V.

"I want to thank Fiona and company at the store for their support yesterday!!
I LOVE my new housecoat! 
I bought this one in the photo. It's beautiful and so comfy.
I have to retire my old one from 16 year ago also from's time.
Thank you.....just wanted to share for those who get attached to their housecoats...this one is gorgeous!" – S. Brown

"Excellent knowledgeable staff! I will definitely be back again. Welcoming atmosphere. They know their products and are helpful in finding undergarments that fit well and work for my wardrobe. Highly recommend!" - J. Smith

"Fabulous experience! Fiona (the owner) expertly sized me and helped me to find a properly fitting bra that I loved. My budget only allowed me to purchase one bra but there was zero pressure to buy more! When I left I felt confident with my purchase and excited to come back again!" - L. Fox

"Fiona and Staff are amazing. Very professional and attentive to the personal touch. They go above and beyond in service and the selection and brands are best in the area. Highly recommend Silhouette Lingerie" - T. Hudson

"I booked an appointment with Fiona and she took the time to ensure that I had 100% what I needed. She was patient, knowledgeable, compassionate and personable. There is no question that I will return to Silhouette for any of my mastectomy bra needs". - Alyssa

"Awesome location in this village-style shopping area. Gorgeous store with lots of selection, think a boutique style without outrageous pricing. Fiona is quite helpful & knowledgeable" - P. Engee

"Prices can be alarming at first, but anyone who has been here needing something better than big box store selections understands why its needed and that the owner/staff make sure your purchase is absolutely perfect for you. There is great value at this store". - S. Aho.